The South Carolina Bar began in 1884 as the South Carolina Bar Association, a voluntary organization of approximately 200 lawyers. The South Carolina State Bar was created in 1968. The two organizations were merged in 1975. Currently the Bar has a membership of more than 14,500. The Bar staff is divided into seven divisions: Communications, Continuing Legal Education, Finance, Law Related Education, Membership Services, Public Services and Media and Technology.
Who can Participate and How Many Hours Can you Earn?

Click HERE for a complete set of rules for alternatively delivered programming. Supreme Court Commission on CLE rules allow SC Bar members to use "alternatively delivered programming" (i.e., telephone or Internet-based programming) to obtain up to 6.0 hours of MCLE each reporting period. These hours may come in any increment and may cover any type of credit required or allowed. Hours earned via alternatively delivered programming may not be "banked" to the next reporting period.
Commission Rules on Checkpoints and Attendance?

Commission on CLE Rules require that each "live" or "on-demand" Internet-based (online) program must include a mechanism that will track attendance. SC Bar-CLE online programs include automated "checkpoints" which require the viewer to click on an on-screen prompt in order to verify continued participation. Each SC Bar CLE on-demand or live webcast program will include 4 (four) "checkpoint" prompts. These prompts will cover your screen and remain visible for 60 (sixty) seconds. You must click on EACH prompt in order to receive full credit for the program you are viewing.
How is my Attendance Reported?

Once you complete the program (viewing the video to the end and hitting all of the checkpoints), you may submit for CLE credit. Simply access your Education Credit Profile and click the “Submit Credit” button to the right of the program title you are submitting for. You will be asked to take part in an evaluation survey. Following that, you will electronically sign your name and click “Submit”. Be sure to print the certificate of completion to keep in your records. Your completion is automatically recorded for reporting to the South Carolina Commission on CLE and Specialization. If you need credit for another state, please contact Jane Points at or call 803-576-3828.